A Jobe Valve for Every Job


When it comes to keeping your water tanks full of clean, fresh water, there are no better valves for the job than Jobe Valves. From high-pressure lines to gravity-fed water tanks, there really is a Jobe Valve for every job. Kencove carries a wide selection of Jobe Valves to ensure we have the right one for you.

Kencove offers the Job Rojo, Megaflow, Topaz, and Vortex water valves. Each valve offers unique features, yet all valves are built with high-quality material that is built to last. Each style of valve offers the user the ability to lock off the valve with ease using a simple switch or cord. Valves can be mounted above or below water level at the top, middle, or bottom of tanks depending on the style.

Your situation and needs will dictate which Jobe Valve best meets your needs. The Megaflow, Topaz, and Vortex Valves all use a diaphragm system, and the Rojo and Rojo High Flow use a mechanical valve.


A diaphragm valve has multiple working parts to allow water to flow through. A flexible disc is what allows water to flow through the valve. Once the disc is closed, it seals against a seat, stopping the water flow. Jobe diaphragm valves work using water pressure. This is why you need at least 5 PSI for the valves to work properly. The incoming pressure pushes the diaphragm and the spring out of the way, but when the valve closes, the pressure builds inside the valve slowly pushing the diaphragm and spring closed.


The Rojo and Rojo High Flow Jobe Valves use a mechanical valve. These valves contain less working parts, and therefore last a little bit longer than the Megaflow, Topaz, and Vortex. When the arm of the Rojo moves up, it directly pushes the valve closed. These mechanical valves will work regardless of the water pressure.

All Jobe Valves that Kencove carries are NOT anti-siphon valves. Only in cases where the valve is mounted above the water level will the valve only permit water flow one way. In order to achieve this anti-siphon feature, you must allow 1” of head space (air) between the water level and your valve. If rain water were to fill the tank and remove that head space, your valve will siphon off that 1” of water if your water line is turned off. By turning off the water pressure to your valve, you are creating a void in the line. Water will want to fill this void if it can reach your valve. If your valve is located in the middle or bottom of your tank, and you drain the water from your water line, the water from your tank will siphon out into the line. This is due to a lack of pressure in the line holding the diaphragm valve into place.

Jobe Valves are a great investment for any farm or ranch. They are built to last, easy to use, and work great. Not sure which valve will work best for you? Give our product specialists a call at 1-800-KENCOVE. They will gladly help you out!


Freeze prevention device for Topaz Trough Valve. Operated manually and allows a low flow of water to pass through to prevent valve and pipelines freezing.

The Protect-A-Mount quickly attaches to most styles of tanks, with no tools required. It provides protection from all animals including horses, cattle, and deer.


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