Repairing Your Electric Fence


Winter takes its toll on everything, including your fence. Fence repair season is coming, and now is the perfect time to stock up on all your fence repair essentials. Find your fence type below to locate your corresponding list of fence repair products.

Kencove offers a wide selection of wire, tools, insulators, and energizers to repair an existing fence line, update a fence, or start a new project.


When starting your list of “must needs” for your repair job, it’s important to know exactly what you need. To start this process, take a walk along your fence line and check for any cracked insulators or rusty wire. Having a voltmeter is very helpful when trying to find faults along your fence. Start by testing your energizer to ensure it is in proper working condition.

Once you have established that your energizer is in tip-top shape, start testing your fence line. If you see a drop in voltage between two points, check for any damaged underground wire, poor connections, broken insulators, or debris along the fence between the two sections you have tested. Having a fault finder allows you to quickly identify the direction of the energy flow and locate the fault. If you only have a voltmeter, start by checking common issues such as underground wire, lead-out wire, connections, braces, and insulators.

After you have found all the repairs you need to make, you can start your list. Common repair items include…

Traditional High-Tensile Fence

Lead-Out WireSpring GatesGround Rod Clamps
Gripple TensionersFence FlagCutout Switches
StrainersQuick SplicesLighting Diverter
VoltmeterWraparound InsulatorsGate Handles
Underground WireSpiralator InsulatorsSplit Bolts

Coated Wire Fence

CrimpsSplit BoltsInsulators
WireLead-Out WireStaples
Gripple TensionersSpring GatesGate Handles
StrainersFence FlagsGround Rod Clamps
VoltmeterQuick SplicesCutout Switches
Underground WireWraparound InsulatorsLighting Diverter

Woven Wire Fence

Stretcher BarGripple TensionersCrimp Tool
Stretcher Bar PullerGripple T-ClipsWire Cutters
Wire Bending ToolCrimpsGripple Torque Tool
Wire TwisterStaples

Temporary Fence/Rotational Grazing

Jobe Valve FloatsGate HandlesCotter Pins
Twine/Rope/TapeStep-In PostsFiberglass Rods
Drive CapsReelsReplacement Bobbins
Twist-Tight TensionerSplice BucklesTwo-Bolt Clamps
InsulatorsSpring GatesUnderground Wire
Jumpers/LeadsSplit BoltsVoltmeter

Electric Net Fence

Replacement PostsRepair KitsEnergizer
VoltmeterJumpersGround Rods
Ground Rod ClampsReplacement Feet




After you order your repair supplies, make sure to keep accurate records of what repairs were done and the voltage reading of your fence line. This will allow for a quicker diagnosis next time you check your fence. Often, fence repairs and voltage readings are neglected from records. With a million other things to keep track of, the task of writing down more information may seem like an unnecessary book. Simply keep a notebook close to your energizer and keep notes. We promise this will help when you are trying to figure out when you ordered those spring gates you really like, and what model they are, or if you are unsure if you have lost voltage on that back patch of fence. Knowing what your fence reads when it is in perfect working condition allows for a quick diagnosis of a simple repair or a complete overhaul.



Now is also the perfect time to test and evaluate your energizer before spring grazing begins. If your energizer is under-performing, send it in for a tune up. Most energizers have a warranty. Give us a call to find out if your energizer does. All warranty work on any brand of energizer can be done here at Kencove by our Certified Energizer Repair Technician. Typically energizers are repaired and shipped back out within 3 business days.



Having a strong, functioning electric fence is the key to happy neighbors and livestock. By keeping your critters in their proper place, you can prevent damage to crops or lawns as well as keep your investment safe from traffic or predators. If you need help getting your fence ready for spring, give our product specialists a call. We are always happy to help.



Check back next week for an in- depth blog on repairing high-tensile fence, and stay tuned for our continued blog series on preparing your fence for spring. We’ll be sure to share some professional tips and tricks.