Site News - Improvements

Site News:
  • Manuals are now available for some of our products. When present a "Manual for this product" link will be visible. Please note that manuals are in pdf format but most of them are still rather large.
  • Shipping Method Selection Now you can see what it will cost to use the shipping method you want. UPS shipping methods and trucking company quotes - based on service time and cost - are displayed . Trucking company options used on orders over 200lb. We pay for shipping on non-FOB items at the UPS ground rate. This amount is taken off of any other shipment method you may choose. You only have a choice when there is FOB weight involved or UPS Ground Service is not available.
  • Shipment Notification Now you receive an email with your tracking information the day your shipment is sent. Orders from PA have PDF of actual invoice attached to email. (Must have valid email on file.)
  • Track-it! Login and find your UPS shipments listed by Order Number (internet only). Invoices and tracking numbers are also emailed to you when your order ships.
  • Cut instructions for items cut to custom length
    -choose the length you would like the item cut to and quantity
    -software will figure out the quantity in the correct Units
        so if any quantity discounts apply they will be taken
  • Shorts by min and max length
    -total is calculated on the max if provided
    -you will only be billed for the amount shipped
  • Fed Ex Freight Tracking Added - Enter your PRO number (PA or IN)
  • Verify and Update your account information First Login. You will be redirected back here if you don't have anything in your cart
  • Now you can Save your cart and Load it later
    -Carts last for 6 months
    -Pricing may change at checkout if prices change since cart was saved
    -Cookies must be enabled
    -Can only load the cart from the same computer
  • "Quick Add" feature added. Now enter your order by code.
  • Username/password retrieval by email address.
  • Verification umber required on credit cards. This is a security measure.
  • Search feature on each page with enhanced results page.
    Resources are also searched.
  • "HELP" Box includes tips for improved web site experience
  • PDF pages of catalog are getting added
    -files are large (1mg/10 pgs)
    (Dial-up connections will be slow to load)
  • More pictures, views and descriptions are being added