Kencove Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

TOOLS/HARDWARE 10 Kencove Chain Grab Designed with a long chain, improved wire grab, and hook. Use the hook end of the chain when anchoring at an end post. Made with high-quality cast walking arms and grabs. Electroplated for longevity. Accommodates smooth and coated wire. Kencove Chain Grab TCHK 67.50 Hayes Chain Grab • Heavy-duty chain and grab • For use with high-tensile and barbed wire (6-16 ga) • Does not damage galvanized coating • 770 lb holding strength • Made in New Zealand Hayes Chain Grab TCH 129.75 Spinning Jenny with Brake Dispenses fence wire with ease and features an adjustable brake to control overspin. This jenny may be placed flat on the ground or bolted to a cart or truck bed. Three legs in the base provide stability. The 4 arms adjust to fit many diameter coils, including coated wire products. Not for use with woven wire or Horserail ® . Optional hoop allows for easy rewinding. Spinning Jenny with Brake TSJHH 79.75 Rewind Hoop TSJRH 35.50 Non-Wheel Spinning Jenny • 4 adjustable arms • Pivots on ground pin • Holds all coil sizes, including coated wire • Some assembly required Non-Wheel Spinning Jenny TSJA 39.95 SMOOTH & COATED WIRE TOOLS See Video Online 4-Tier Spinning Jenny Mounts to a tractor or utility vehicle to payout multiple coils of high-tensile or coated wire. The top 3 tiers are movable for easy loading and lock in place with a spring-loaded latch. The drag of the tiers can also be customized by removing the center hub and adjusting the nut. The Jenny’s standard mount is a Category 1 three-point hitch, but it will fit Category 2 hitches with a Category 1-2 bushing. An optional 5th Tier is available to dispense up to 5 coils at once. 4-Tier Spinning Jenny TSJ4 1,275.00 Add-On 5th Tier TSJ4-5 389.75 California residents see page 2 for Proposition 65 Warning