Kencove Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

11 TOOLS/HARDWARE Rapid Tightener Makes installing EZ-Daisy Strainers fast and easy. The ½” drive ratchet speeds tightening while the notched arm holds the wire and strainer so you can easily install the pin. Fits SSDR and SSDN as well as most other brands of EZ-Daisy Strainers. TFD Rapid Tightener TFDR 89.50 EZ-Daisy Handle TFD 6.95 EZ-Daisy Handle Makes it easier to tension online tighteners without needing an extra pair of hands. HD Tension Spring, 103/4” HTSHD 5.75 Long-Tug Spring, 123/4” HTSL 5.75 Insulator for Long-Tug Spring ICP1 0.75 Tension Springs Used for several purposes: to indicate the amount of tension on the wire, to act as a shock absorber, and to keep fence tension more uniform. When the spring is compressed to the first notch, it is under 150 lbs of tension, which is common for electric fences. Non-electric fences require more tension. When the second notch on the drawbar is exposed, there is about 250 lbs of tension on the fence. If the tension is greater, there will be problems with end, corner, bend, and dip posts pulling out of the ground. For short fences, springs allow the wire to give when needed. If you expect your fence to take a lot of abuse from falling trees or branches, tension springs on each wire are recommended. All Kencove springs have a Class 3 galvanized coating and strong drawbars. Highest Strength & Longest Lasting Springs on the Market Step 1 Step 3 Step 2 When using the Long-Tug Tension Spring on corners or ends, use this plastic insulator (ICP1) to insulate hot wires. It is installed the same way as the strainer. INSTALLING WIRE TIGHTENER ON TENSION SPRING ICP1 Step 4 Items with this symbol do not qualify for free shipping.