Kencove Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

13 TOOLS/HARDWARE EZ-Daisy Online Tightener This tightener is installed without having to cut the fence wire. Tighten with a ½” drive ratchet or EZ-Daisy Handle. Not for use with coated fence wire. SSDN KIWI ® Online Tightener Made with a solid zinc cog and Class 3 galvanized clip. It is our strongest non- splicing wire strainer. Low-tension tightener also available (page 61). KIWI Online Tightener SSDK 2.95 Save on 50 2.75 EZ-Daisy Handle TFD 6.95 • Eliminates need for crimp sleeves • Use with 12½ gauge wire • Reduces stripping of coated wire • Insert wire into Quick-End and tighten KIWI ® Strainer w/ Quick-End KIWI Strainer with Quick-End SASQ 5.80 Save on 50 5.50/each Robertson Tightener Holds more wire than most tighteners and is safer to use because the spring clip can be operated from outside the galvanized bracket. Galvanized strap/zinc spool . . . . . . SRC 4.45 Save on 50 . . . . . . . . . . 4.35/each Insulated Wire Strainer • Dacromet coating • Eliminates end post insulators • Tighten with Universal Handle (TFU) Insulated Wire Strainer SID 3.95 Save on 50 3.75/each KIWI ® Strainer without Clip • Hinged, flipper-type catch • No spring clip • Fence wire can be loosened if necessary Galvanized strap/zinc cog SAT 3.95 Save on 50 3.85/each Clip Insulator The SHYI is a permanent inline strainer insulator. It is made from UV-stabilized, reinforced polyethylene. The SHYI easily and effectively isolates electric fence. Use only with Stainless Wire Tightener with No Spring Clip (SAT). Clip Insulator for Hayes SHYI 1.00 EZ-Daisy Tightener SSDN 3.05 Save on 50 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.85 EZ-Daisy Handle TFD 6.95 Strainer Handles The Universal Strainer Handle (TFU) incorporates a spring- loaded ratchet pin and fits most common brands of per- manent wire strainers such as the SRC, SDS, and SDZ. Our Hayes Handles (TFH, TFHC) are for all Hayes-Style Strainers (SAS, SASS, SASAL, SAT, and SATS). The TFHC features a rounded handle for added strength and ease of use. TFU TFHC TFH Universal Handle TFU. 9.75 Hayes Handle TFH 5.00 Contractor-Grade Hayes Handle TFHC 5.00