Kencove Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

TOOLS/HARDWARE 20 Knipex Wire Cutters Knipex 71 01 200 R, 8” TCTX. 59.75 Knipex 71 01 250, 9 7/8” TCTXL �����������������������������������������72.75 Knipex 71 31 200 R, 8”, with recess TCTXC �����������������������������������������63.75 Spring Handle, with recess TCTXS �����������������������������������������69.75 Spring Handle, angled head TCTXA �����������������������������������������73.75 TCTX TCTXS 8” Side Cutters These rugged cutters have notched and grooved plier jaws to hold wire securely when wrapping and hand knotting. Made in England. 8” Side Cutters . . . . . . . . . . . TCTM 59.75 Cable Cutters Hardened-steel blades for durability and vinyl- coated handles for a comfortable, non-slip grip. Spring loaded for ease of use. Ideal for cutting rope, twine, cable, or bungy cord. Made in China. Cable Cutters . . . . . . . . . . TCTGC 14.95 DESIGNED FOR FENCE WIRE Knipex with recess in blade makes cutting easier by holding wire in ideal cutting position. The TCTX is our most popular wire cutter and is specifically designed for high-tensile fence wire. The TCTXC is made with a recess in the blade that keeps wire in a better cutting position. The TCTXA, with an angled head for use in tight spaces, was built with fencing in mind. The TCTXL has longer handles to provide more leverage when cutting. Knipex cutters perform with minimum effort due to the lever-action design. Induction-hardened cutting edges and chrome-vanadium, heavy-duty steel give years of use. Made in Germany. Fencing Pliers A wire gripper, staple puller, hammer head, soft wire cutter, and can be used to hold staples to prevent bending while driving. Made in China. 10” Fencing Pliers TFP ���������������������������� 9.75 9” Heavy-Duty Wire Cutters Made of alloy steel and are drop-forged for strength. Provide greater leverage, ease of use, and still fit conveniently in your pocket. Made in Japan. 9” HD Wire Cutters TCTHD 16.50 High-Tensile Wire Cutters An economy version of the Knipex TCTX. Durable steel jaws make hundreds of cuts to high-tensile without dulling. Comfort grip allows for effortless cutting. Made in China. High-Tensile Wire Cutters TCTW 14.75 California residents see page 2 for Proposition 65 Warning