Kencove Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

ELECTRIC FENCE 26 FAULT FINDERS & VOLTMETERS Can test the voltage on your fence or 12-volt battery with ease. Features a ground probe with 4’ cord for testing fence. Positive and negative battery tester probes with 2’ cords connect easily. Measures the approximate voltage from any position on the fence line and the output volt- age directly from the energizer. Features bright LED lights, and there are no extra wires or ground probes needed. Simply touch the top of the tester to the electrified fence or energizer fence terminal and push the tes- ter button. Measures from 2,000 volts to 10,000 volts. Digital Voltmeter/Battery Tester VSXK 29.75 Wireless LED Tester VT5LW 13.95 Energy Limiter/ Flood Gate Controller Automatically reduces power to the bottom wire when vegetation grows too high. Flood Gate Controller MEL 25.75 Stafix Fence Alert ™ Emits a bright red light as soon as low or intermittent voltage is detected on the fence linwgned to withstand extensive periods in the outdoors. Fence Alert MFA 24.75 Stafix Fault Finder Digital readout displays fence voltage, amperage flow, and even the direction of the current. No wires are needed. It features a large backlit screen, beeper, and memory of last reading. Use only with a low-impedance energizer. Stafix Fault Finder VPX 105.75 • No ground wires or external power source required • Works with all pulse energizers • Clip accommodates 8 to 16 gauge wire • Saves time by quickly leading you to the fault • Use with any low-impedance energizer • Measures up to 12,000 volts • Easy-to-read LCD display • Includes battery • One-year warranty Kencove Fault Finder and Voltmeter Features a digital readout display to show electric fence voltage, current, and the direction of the fault. No wires or clips eliminates tangles and risk of shock. Simple, one-touch operation. One-year warranty. Fault Finder and Voltmeter VPK 75.75 Kecove Digital Voltmeter and 12-Volt Battery Tester Wireless 5-Light LED Tester California residents see page 2 for Proposition 65 Warning 5-Light Tester V5L 10.75 5-Light Tester Our 5-Light Tester is easy to use. Check the voltage on your fence line by inserting the pin into ground, then touching the probe to the wire. Voltage level is shown with indicator lights. Measures up to 8,000 volts.