Kencove Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

ELECTRIC FENCE 27 Power-Surge Protector Helps protect your energizer if lightning hits the electric service supplying it. Designed to provide economical protection from power spikes and surges up to 6,000 volts. A red light indicates that it is working. Energizer Energizer Ground Bed Diverter Ground Bed 50‘ Minimum Separation Copper, Stainless, or Insulated GroundWire Cut-Out Switch (MCCHD) Copper, Stainless, or Insulated GroundWire 10’MinimumSeparation 10’MinimumSeparation To Fence From Energizer To Ground Power-Surge Protector MPS 8.99 Fuse, 1 amp AGC1 1.05 • Install diverter close to energizer (minimum 50’ between beds). • Keep ground bed away from water pipes, especially those going to drinking areas or buildings where the electric charge may affect livestock or people. • Install ground rods in an area of high moisture. Choke Coil and Lightning Diverter Combination Combines the two essential components of a lightning diverter. The choke coil is used to slow the surge of electrical energy by inductive forces created in the coil. The pool of energy searching for the ground jumps the gap in the arrestor and finds the fastest route to the ground. The arrestor features an adjustable gap. To use it properly, set the gap to the smallest distance possible without the charger causing an arc in the gap. To install, attach to a post between the fence wire and the cut-out switch. Choke Coil/Diverter MWLA 7.75 LIGHTNING PROTECTION INSTALLATION TIPS See Video Online Porcelain Lightning Diverter Protects your energizer from damage. One-time use only. Stop-Click Lightning Diverter This premium lightning diverter protects your fence charger from lightning surges. It features four internal coils and does not need to be replaced after a lightning strike. It also reduces electrical interference (clicking) your fence can cause to other equipment. Only requires one ground rod. Porcelain Lightning Diverter MLA 6.95 Stop-Click Lightning Diverter . MSC 59.75 Items with this symbol do not qualify for free shipping.