Kencove Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

ELECTRIC FENCE 28 I48 I40 WOOD POST INSULATORS Wraparound Insulator One of the simplest end or corner insulators to install. An aluminum insert keeps the wire from cutting through the plastic. Wraparounds are best pre-installed and the wire threaded through as you walk by. Use either a wide 2” staple astride the wraparound or a staple top and bottom bent over the wraparound to secure it. 20”, black, 10/pk I40 7.75 24”, white, 10/pk I40W-24 11.50 24”, black, 10/pk I40-24 9.25 30”, black, 10/pk I40-30 11.50 100’ coil, black I40-100 49.50 Reinforced Bull-Nose Insulator • Fiberglass reinforced for added strength • Ideal for any end or corner application • Can be used with high-tensile wire Reinforced, white I4UW 0.85 Reinforced, black I4UB 0.85 Bull-Nose Insulator • Large center hole for rope or braid • UV-resistant polyethylene • Low-tension applications only Bull-Nose Insulator, white I4LW 0.49 Bull-Nose Insulator, black I4LBL 0.49 Heavy-Duty Lag-Corner Insulator Ideal for high-tensile wire, coated wire, or any application where additional strength is required. • L-shaped, 3/8” diameter, zinc-plated lag screw with nylon lock nut • UV-stabilized, high-grade plastic Lag-Corner Insulator, white ILCW 1.95 Lag-Corner Insulator, black ILC 1.95 ILC ILCW Lag-Corner Insulator • Ideal for electric rope and twine • L-shaped, ¼” diameter lag screw KIWI ® Double-U Insulators Used on end and corner posts. The electrified wires go on the inside of the corner posts. They work best when crimp sleeves are installed in the wire loop to bring the wire together near the insulators. Metal is embedded in the plastic to keep the wire from cutting through. Secure Lag-Screw Insulator Eliminates electrical shorts and is fully reinforced with 5/16” diameter, zinc-plated steel. This German-designed lag insulator is made with long-lasting, UV-stable, polyamide plastic, and can be quickly installed with a screw driver through the hole in the insulator. Double-U, 10/pk I46 7.75 Secure Lag-Screw Insulator ILCS 0.97 ILCEW Lag-Corner, white ILCEW 0.89 Lag-Corner, black ILCE 0.89 • Eliminates electrical shorts • Accommodates twine, rope, and wire products • Easy to install California residents see page 2 for Proposition 65 Warning