Kencove Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

ELECTRIC FENCE 30 Stafix Pin-Lock Insulator • Large spark flange • Removable pin • UV-resistant plastic For use with wood posts. Does not accommodate coated wire. Kencove Pin-Lock Insulator • Large spark flange around the base • High-quality, UV-resistant plastic • Removable pin • Versatile pin-lock insulators work with high- tensile, rope, and coated wire Pin-Lock Insulator, white, 25/pk I8PW. 7.75 Save on 25 packs . 7.25 Pin-Lock Insulator, black, 25/pk I8P. 7.75 Save on 25 packs . 7.25 1¾” Stainless-Steel Wood Screws Screws with square heads are a secure and attractive method of attaching insulators. The speed and convenience of installation outweighs the additional cost. The 1,250-piece bucket includes 2 free drive bits (TDBS). I8PW I8P Stafix Pin-Lock, green, 25/pk . . . . . . IPL 11.95 1¾” SS Screws, 50/pk HSS175 2.95 1¾” SS Screws, 1,250/bkt HSS175B . 64.75 Square Head Drive Bit, 2/pk TDBS 1.75 Claw Insulator • UV-stabilized, heavy-duty plastic • Extremely versatile • Can be used with high-tensile, coated wire, electric rope, ribbon, or twine Claw Insulator, white, 25/pk ICCW 7.75 Claw Insulator, black, 25/pk ICCB 7.75 Stafix Claw Insulator, green, 25/pk ICW 10.75 Stafix Claw Insulator (ICW) for use with high-tensile only. Does not accommodate coated wire. ICCW ICCB 3”, white, 25/pk IRI2W 5.95 3”, black, 25/pk IRI2 5.95 6”, offset, white IRI6W 0.72 6”, offset, black IRI6 0.70 Ring Insulator Made with a heavy screw as its base and a continuous, steel-reinforced ring, this insulator has the strength to hold in old locust posts or in the soft wood of old telephone poles. Ring Insulator Installation Tool Attach to a low-speed, battery-powered drill to install screw-in insulators in seconds. Cannot be used with IWR6. Installation Tool TIRI. 4.50 Inside View: Steel Reinforced WOOD POST INSULATORS California residents see page 2 for Proposition 65 Warning