Kencove Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

ELECTRIC FENCE 31 Capper Insulator Designed to either nail onto the top of wood posts or fit onto steel t-posts. It will hold wire, rope, and up to 1.6” wide ribbon and tape. This insulator also adds safety and visibility. ITPCB ITPCW Capper Insulator, white, 10/pk ITPCW 6.95 Capper Insulator, black, 10/pk ITPCB 6.95 Kencove T-Post Pin- Lock Insulator Made with heavy-duty, UV-resistant plastic. This is our most durable t-post insulator. Spark flange prevents arcing. Fits most sizes of t-posts and holds rope, twine, or wire. Easy to install by simply sliding over the top of the t-post and securing with pin. T-Post Insulator, white, 25/pk ITDW . 6.50 T-Post Insulator, black, 25/pk ITDB. 6.50 Wood/T-Post Pin-Lock Insulator Holds larger diameter fence products such as Hotcote ® or electric rope. Simply nail onto wood posts or snap onto t-posts to securely insulate electric wires. UV- stabilized plastic resists weathering. Pin-Lock Insulator, white, 25/pk ITEW. 6.25 Pin-Lock Insulator, black, 25/pk ITE . 6.25 2" Backside Insulator, black, 25/pk ITB2. 9.95 T-Post Claw Insulator Secures to t-post with wraparound, 3-point contact. Ideal for large diameter products like rope and Hotcote ® . Works with most sizes of t-posts including 1.25lb and 1.33lb. Made of high- density polyethylene. White, 25/pk IRTCW 7.25 Black, 25/pk . . . . . . . . . . . . .IRTC 7.25 Stafix Wood/T-Post Pin-Lock Insulator Nail to wood posts or snap onto steel t-posts. • Self-locking pin • UV-stabilized plastic For use with smooth wire only. Stafix Pin-Lock, green, 25/pk IPTL 10.95 T-POST INSULATORS On Qualified Orders Over $75 2" Backside T-Post Insulator Holds rope, twine, and wire 2” from the post. It slides over the top of standard t-posts for easy 2-pin installation. This insulator is made from heavy-duty, UV-stabilized plastic and features a spark flange to prevent arcing. Items with this symbol do not qualify for free shipping. Poor or broken insulators are often the source of energy leaks. Kencove insulators are UV-stabilized, meaning the sunlight will not deteriorate the plastic causing it to crack or break. Once an insulator cracks or breaks, the energy leaks through making direct contact with the posts. This results in a voltage drop on the fence line. Did you know