Kencove Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

49 GATES Aluminum Tube Gates Our aluminum gates have a 11/4” square tube rotated so that it appears diamond shaped. A total of 48” tall with 6 bars evenly spaced 71/2” apart. V-notched welds for superIor strength. Two attached hinge brackets, and two HDG 12” x 3/4” gate-hinge bolts included. Lightweight, easy-swinging, and incredibly strong gates. Ship from Blairsville, PA 4’ GRA4 69.75 6’ GRA6 99.75 8’ GRA8 129.75 10’ GRA10 159.75 12’ GRA12 179.75 14’ GRA14 209.75 16’ GRA16 229.75 18’ GRA18 259.75 GRA16 Stainless-Steel Spring Gates Include a rust-proof stainless-steel spring. Up to 24’ GSSL 19.75 24’ Replacement Spring GSSLS 13.50 Galvanized Spring Gates Include a large diameter galvanized spring. Up to 14’, for wood posts GSC 11.75 Up to 24’, for wood posts GSL 12.75 Up to 14’, for t-posts GST 11.75 Up to 24’, for t-posts GSTL 12.75 14’ Replacement Spring GSCS 8.95 24’ Replacement Spring GSLS 9.95 Drive-Thru Electric Gates Spring loaded and adjustable. 13’-19’ GDTS 148.75 18’-24’ GDTL 162.72 Replacement FG Rods GDTXR 6.95 Replacement Streamers GDTXS 24.75 (include hoses) Gate Prop Keeps any gate from closing as you pass through. It is made of steel square tubing and electroplated with a black zinc coating. The Gate Prop is simple to use and includes hardware to fit up to a 2” tube. Kencove's spring gates are Class 3 galvanized for long life. Each type includes a handle, insulators, and hookup system. White Spring Gates With electrically-conductive powder coating. Up to 14’ GSCW 12.75 Up to 24’ GSLW 13.95 14’ Replacement Spring GSCWS 9.50 24’ Replacement Spring GSLWS 10.50 I8PW CWBT GBFT Electric Bungy Gates The bungy cord is white with red stripes and incorporates 6 SS wires. Because this product stretches, you only need to buy 75% of the length of your gate. Approximately 1/3” diameter. Bungy Rope, per ft GBFT 0.41 Bungy Rope, 330' GB330 115.50 Wire Splice Clamp, 3/pk CWBT 3.25 Pin-Lock Insulator, 25/pk I8PW 7.75 Electric Bungy Gate Kit • Stays off the ground while gate is open • Elastic cord stretches up to 20’ • Safer and more visible than spring gates Electric Bungy Gate Kit GSR 14.95 Gate Prop GLP 19.95