Kencove Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

GATES 50 3-Hole Handle Hookup Set Connect your wire to the galvanized plate and still have room for 2 gate handles. Galvanized Handle Hookup Set GHU 2.50 Handle Hookup for T-Posts GHTU 2.50 3-Hole Handle Hookup Set GHU3 2.75 Stainless Handle Hookup GHU3S 3.75 Double-Loop Handle Hook Designed for use where t-posts terminate rope or tape fence. One loop holds the fence while the other holds the gate handle. Double-Loop Hookup, wood GHUD 1.95 Double-Loop Hookup, t-post, 2/pk . JTR 3.50 New Zealand Gate Handle • Galvanized expansion spring • More tolerance for gate post movement NZ Gate Handle, yellow GNC 5.25 NZ Gate Handle, black GNCBL 5.25 Multi-purpose handle features a live-wire hook and an insulated hook. Versatile design allows you to connect temporary fence wire, tape, or bungy without needing to change handles. Rubber Gate Handle • Soft rubber casing • Heavy-stamped, steel-plated hook • Stretches to 31/2” Rubber Gate Handle GRB 1.95 Polycarbonate Gate Handle An internal expansion spring provides excellent holding strength without stressing the insulating plastic. Durable, high-quality polycarbonate. Polycarbonate Gate Handle GPC 3.95 Heavy-Duty Gate Handle Use with Double-Loop Handle Hook (GHUD or JTR). Heavy-Duty Gate Handle GHD 5.25 Non-Conductive Gate Handle Use with electric twine or ribbon. Connect to a grounded or hot wire and electrify after the portable fence is built. Non-Conductive Handle GPL 0.89 Economy Plastic Handle Economy Handle, black GPE 1.95 Economy Handle, white GPEW 1.95 ZAMMR Handle GPZ 3.25 ZAMMR Handle GHUD GHU Stainless-Steel Gate Handle GPCS 5.95 Spring Gate Handle, white GCCW 2.45 Spring Gate Handle, black GCCB 2.45 Spring Gate Handle, yellow GCCY 2.45 Stainless-Steel Gate Handle 2 internal tension rods add extra strength to this stainless-steel handle. Stainless-Steel Gate Handle This handle has an internal galvanized tension spring. Allows for movement with gate posts. Spring stretches 2½". Total length of 9½".