Kencove Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

ROTATIONAL GRAZING 55 O’Briens Mega-Reel Extra-large reel with standard 1:1 gearing, holds 460' of tape, 1,312’ of ribbon, or up to 2,625’ of electric twine. This reel has a galvanized crank handle mounted on nylon bushings to reduce wear. The 1-piece molded spool makes this reel durable. O’Briens Mega-Reel RRX 74.75 O’Briens Mega-Geared-Reel RRXG 79.75 O’Briens Classic Reel Reel with standard 1:1 gearing, comes complete with carry handle, rewind crank, ratchet lock, and rugged steel and plastic construction. The carry handle has a hook on the reel frame for attaching it to a fence wire. They are designed to hold 656’ of electric ribbon or 1,640’ of electric twine. O’Briens Classic Reel RRS 61.75 Twine/Tape Guides Steel guides eliminate twine or tape wrapping around the outside of your reel. Bolts quickly to the frame and can be used on most reels with traverse of 6”. The Plastic Replacement Guide (RRSGG) can be used to replace the original plastic guide on O'Briens RRS and Stafix RRSG reels. RRS, RRSG, RRSGO Guide RRWG . . . . 5.95 RRX/RRXG Guide RRWGX 5.95 Plastic Replacement Guide RRSGG 5.95 Geared Reels Reels with a 3:1 ratio, which means for each turn of the handle, the bobbin spins 3 times. When rewinding long lengths of twine or ribbon, the extra cost of the geared reel is a worthwhile, time-saving investment. These geared reels hold up to 660’ of ribbon or 1,640’ of twine and come with a non-conductive gate handle. RRXG Replacement Bobbins Kencove 3:1 Reel YRRK3BP 19.75 O’Briens Classic Reel 1:1, 3:1 RRSOB 22.75 O’Briens Mega-Reel RRXOB 23.75 Stafix Value Reel RRSSB 16.75 Stafix Large Reel RRXSB 27.25 Stafix 3:1 Reel RRGSB 32.75 Kencove Geared Reel RRK3 62.75 O’Briens Geared Reel RRSGO 66.75 Stafix Geared Reel RRSG 71.75 Mini-Reel RMININ 11.95 Replacement Spool RMINIBN. 5.95 Mini-Reel Uses a lynch pin that allows the spool to be replaced in less than a minute with no tools required. The low cost and compact size makes this reel ideal for trail rides, garden and shrub pest control fence, and short grazing fences. Holds up to 350’ of electric ribbon or 820’ of electric twine. This well-designed reel is handy for shorter lengths of fence. Economy Reel RRB 18.00 Extra Bobbin RRBB 13.50 RRK3 RRWG Economy Reel Low-cost reel that has about the same capacity (1,650’ of twine) as the RRSG and RRS. Design features include easy bobbin replacement, rugged handle hook, and replaceable nylon bushings for smooth winding. Not the reel for the demanding grazier. 1:1 Value Reel RRSC 32.50 Extra Bobbin RRSCB 14.75 Value Reel Has a design similar to the best in class O’Briens reel. The RRSC has no gearing but does have a built-in wire guide.