Kencove Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

HORSE FENCE 60 Highly Conductive Carbon Compound 200 KSI High-Tensile Wire Medium-Density Polyethylene Long-Life, UV-Rated, Non-Conductive I8PW 1,320’ coil, white WTW. 165.75 1,320’ coil, brown WTBR . 165.75 1,320’ coil, black WTBL. 165.75 Save on 5 or more rolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 173.75 *=Indicate White (W), Brown (BR), Black (BL) • 200 KSI, 12½ gauge, high-tensile wire core • UV-resistant, polyethylene-coated wire • Molecularly bonded Kencote An attractive, affordable fence system requiring very little maintenance. It can handle animal impact and harsh weather conditions without permanent elongation. Our coated wire fence is manufactured with high-tensile wire molecularly bonded to UV-resistant polyethylene. This creates a durable physical barrier with just enough give and more than enough strength to provide optimum safety for horses. Recommended post spacing is 16 feet. This wire is not electifiable. The most visible coated wire available KENCOTE ™ Hotcote A coated fence wire similar to Kencote but with the addition of 3 black carbon strips extending to the surface to carry an electrical charge. Although most animals will test any type of fence, this system has a combination of visibility and electric to ensure the safest containment possible. The polyethylene coating prevents bare wire from injuring animals. Recommended post spacing is 16 feet. Black (BL) White (H) Brown (BR) 20-Year Limited Factory Warranty 30-Year Limited Factory Warranty 1,320’ coil, white WSWH 175.75 1,320’ coil, brown WSWBR 175.75 1,320’ coil, black WSWBL 175.75 Save on 5 or more rolls 173.75 Hotcote does not qualify for free shipping. Coated electric wire HOTCOTE ™ ® 4” Hotcote Insulator, 100/pk I4H4* . 8.25 Hotcote Tubing, 100’ I4H* 12.95 Pin-Lock Insulator, white, 25/pk I8PW 7.75 Pin-Lock Insulator, black, 25/pk I8P 7.75 Claw Insulator, white, 25/pk ICCW 7.75 Claw Insulator, black, 25/pk ICCB 7.75 51/2” Offset Insulator, white, 10/pk . . . . IT6W 7.95 51/2” Offset Insulator, black, 10/pk IT6B 7.95 *=Indicate White (W), Brown (BR), Black (BL) Kencove Corner Collar ™ Fits perfectly onto any corner wood post to make insulating around corners a breeze. Made from durable, UV-resistant plastic, the collar holds most sizes of fence wire including large diameter rope and Hotcote. Corner Collar, white, 10/pk, ICPW 7.95 Corner Collar, black, 10/pk ICPB 7.95 Hotcote ® , HotTop ® , and Horserail ® are registered trademarks of John Wall, Inc. ICPB ICPW ELECTRIC INSULATORS Available colors (color may vary slightly): California residents see page 2 for Proposition 65 Warning Wide Staples Wide, 2” staples, 46/lb HB2W . 2.45/lb