Kencove Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

67 HOW TO Energizer Pages 21-23 Ground Rods Page 25 Ground Rod Clamps Page 25 Ground Wire Page 25 Power-Surge Protector Page 27 Electric Fence Warning Sign Page 24 Lightning Choke Coil/Diverter Page 27 Split-Bolt Line Taps Page 18 Cut-Out Switches Page 24 Voltage Tester Page 26 Underground Cable Page 25 Books & Videos Need detailed information on how to build high-tensile fence, woven wire fence, or vineyard trellises? Our books and videos will guide you step-by-step through the process. How to Build Orchard and Vineyard Trellises is 47 pages of detailed instructions on using Max-Ten High- Tensile Wire for a strong, long-lasting support system. High-Tensile Installation DVD AHTD Free Woven Wire Installation DVD ATD Free Post Driver DVD APDD Free Max-Ten How to Build Trellises Book ABT 4.00 KIWI ® Fence School Taught by experienced professionals in the industry, the school offers the latest installation techniques and building options with 2 days of hands-on and classroom training. Topics include high-tensile wire, woven wire, horse fencing, and more. The school is usually held twice a year (Spring and Fall). Call for more details. There are many advantages to electrifying your high-tensile fence. The life of the fence will be extended because it reduces the pressure from livestock and requires less material maintenance over time. An electric fence is a psychological barrier rather than a physical one, so the animal must be trained to respect the fence. The electric package below is for areas with access to electric. For remote areas, a battery-operated or solar energizer is needed. EKD16WI VPK MWLA AHTD ATD ABT INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS ADD ELECTRICITY GU100 Material List