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Electric Netting, 10/28/3½ - Posi/Neg, 33'

Electric Netting, 10/28/3½
Positive/negative netting is perfect for dry regions or for ultimate control. In this system the animal completes the circuit through the net. The lightweight, portable design allows the fence to be moved and set up repeatedly with no tools required. You can easily create a pasture or enclosure in minutes.

  • 10 horizontal lines, 28" height, 3½" vertical line spacing
  • 28" step-in posts are built into the netting for easy installation
  • 33' length

A fence charger is required to electrify the netting. We recommend a .25-joule, low-impedance charger minimum per net. (Example: 4 nets connected together requires a 1-joule charger.)

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Item # NRX-33
Weight 3.50 lbs
$64.75 EACH
Low Stock