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Electric Netting 10/28/3½ - White, 164'

Electric Netting 10/28/3½
Protect your garden by keeping critters and pests out. The lightweight, portable allows the fence to be moved and set up easily with no tools required. Creates enclosures in minutes.

  • 10 horizontal lines, 28" height, 3½" vertical line spacing
  • Semi-rigid vertical stays provide stability and help prevent drooping between posts, which could cause shorting
  • Horizontal lines are spaced closer together at the bottom and farther apart at the top to provide excellent garden protection
  • Long-lasting, highly conductive, 304 stainless-steel conductors ensure years of reliable service
  • Braided top strand provides unparalleled strength
  • 13 double-spiked step-in posts are built into the netting for easy installation
  • White, 164' length
  • Positive/negative netting is available for dry regions or for maximum control (NRX)

A fence charger is required to electrify the netting. We recommend a .25-joule, low-impedance charger minimum per net. (Example: 4 nets connected together requires a 1-joule charger.)

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Item # NRCW
Weight 16.80 lbs
$129.75 EACH