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Hardware and Tools

Details Dare Heavy-Cast Cog Wire Strainer
  • Hot-dip, zinc-coated frame exceeds Class 3 specifications
  • Heavy cast cog with spring-loaded latch
  • Use Dare 1701 handle to tighten

Details Spinning Jenny
  • For easy payout of coiled high-tensile fence wire
  • Holds 2,000' or 4,000' coils
  • Adjusts to fit 17"-24" inside diameter of wire coil
  • Can be used for high-tensile wire and other fence systems

Details Donalds-Style Strainer
  • Easily adjusts wire tension on the fence line
  • Aluminum cog
  • Galvanized strap

Details Dare 2-Slot Fence Splicing Tool
  • For quick, trouble-free splices
  • Use with DP 2-3 sleeves and DPT 3-4 fence taps
  • Durable design

Details Dare Online Wire Strainer
  • Non-splicing wire strainer
  • Use with high-tensile or other smooth fence wire

Details Dare Electric Fence Tester
  • Tests fence or energizer
  • Includes ground prod
  • Easy-to-use, compact design

Details Fi-Shock Line Tightener
  • Tightener for electric fence
  • Tightens polywire, ½ polytape, and wire up to 9 gauge
  • No tools required
Details Gallagher Universal Bracket
  • Solar panel bracket
  • For use with a 10-watt panel for B100 and B200

Details Dare Tension Measuring Spring
  • Hot-dip zinc coating
  • Tighten wires to proper tension by measuring spring length
  • Exceeds class 3 specs
  • Use with high-tensile wire

Details ElectroBraid Heavy-Duty 2½" Screws
  • ¼" hex head heavy-duty screws
  • Provides added strength and ease of installation while attaching roller and offset insulators to wood posts
  • 2½" length
Pack 50
Details Wire Clips for Fiberglass Posts
  • ⅜" clips
  • Use to easily attach and adjust fence wire on fiberglass posts
Pack 25
Details Zareba Wire Cutters
  • Cuts up to 12½ gauge wire, including high-tensile
  • Spring-loaded handles
  • Hardened jaws

Details Gallagher Wheel Tightener Handle
  • Use to tighten 12½ gauge high-tensile wire
  • For use with wheel-wire tighteners
  • Heavy-duty

Details Gallagher Strainer Handle
  • Fits most common brands of permanent electric fence wire strainers
  • Self-ratcheting makes it quick and easy to use
  • Gold passivated
  • Use with in-line strainers and in-line strainers with insulators

Details Gallagher Insulated Wire Strainer
  • Galvanized steel frame for long life
  • Spool designed for easy set up and wire alignment
  • 12-tooth spool for fine adjustment and easy tightening action
  • Robust, high-quality, spring-loaded locking clip

Details ElectroBraid Sectional Copper Ground Rod Kit
  • Provides effective grounding for your electric fence system
  • Includes four 2' sections of copper ground rod that connect
  • Includes a hardened steel tip
  • Includes an anvil and a ground rod clamp

Details Zareba 4-Slot Crimping Tool
  • Multi-groove tool
  • Crimps sleeves for wire ranging from 9 to 15 gauge
  • Comfort-grip handles

Details Zareba Plated Brace Pins
  • ⅜" carbon steel rods
  • 10" plated brace pins
  • For use with wood posts
10", Pack 5
Details Zareba 3-Hole Twisting Tool
  • For twisting t-post or spacer clips to fasten wire to post
  • Use with up to 8 gauge wire

Details Zareba Fence Wire Cutter
  • Use to cut all fence wire
  • Hardened jaws can cut wire up to 12½ gauge, including high-tensile
  • Spring-loaded handles can be locked closed for easy carrying

Details Zareba In-Line Strainer
  • Increases fence tension to about 250 lbs
  • Use with 200 KSI wire
  • Steel frame, aluminum spool
  • Install in the middle of a fence span
  • Install one every 1,500 to 2,500 ft

Details SpeeCo Barbed Wire Carrier
  • Safe and easy way to carry barbed wire
  • Easily unroll barbed wire

Details Zareba Polytape Splice Buckle
  • For use with Horse-Sense electric fence
  • Splices two rolls of polytape together
  • Pack of 4
Details Red Snap'r T-Post Clips
  • Heavy-duty t-post clips
  • Fit standard t-posts
  • Use to attach all types of wire to t-posts
Pack 100
Details Zareba Polytape Tensioner
  • Use for connections to fence controller
  • Use with cross fencing and strand jumping
  • Kit includes 4 universal tensioners and screws and 4 stainless-steel connector plates
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