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O'Briens Mega-Reel

O'Briens Mega-Reel
The O'Briens Mega-Reel, with an extra-large reel and standard 1:1 gearing, holds up to 460' of electric tape, 1,312' of electric ribbon, or 2,625' of electric twine. This reel has a galvanized crank handle mounted on nylon bushings to reduce wear. The one-piece molded spool makes this reel durable.

The steel feed guide (RRWGX) is a great addition to prevent twine or ribbon from wrapping around the outside of the reel.

Does not include non-conductive gate handle and guide.

Item # RRX
Weight 5.70 lbs
$86.25 EACH

Save on 2 - $81.75

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Item # RRXG O'Briens Mega-Geared-Reel
  • 3:1 gear ratio for quick, easy rewind
  • Nylon bushings to reduce wear
  • High impact polymer

Item # RRWGX Steel Feed Guide for O'Briens Mega-Reels
  • Ensures tangle-free use of twine or tape
  • Use with RRS, RRSG, and RRK3 fence reels
Item # RRXOB Bobbin for O'Briens Mega-Large Reel
  • One-piece molded replacement bobbin
  • Holds 1,320' of electric ribbon or 2,625' of twine