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Kencove Farm Fence Supplies is your premier source for efficient and reliable watering systems. We understand the vital role that water plays in the success of your agricultural endeavors, and our extensive range of watering solutions is designed to meet all your watering needs. Jobe water valves and quick couplers can keep your livestock hydrated and your farming operation running smoothly.

Jobe Water ValvesThe Heart of Efficient Watering: The Jobe water valve series encompasses a wide range of products, each tailored to optimize water distribution and ensure your livestock have easy access to clean and fresh water. From trough valves to tank mount adapters, float valves to tranzformer valves, detach tails to service kits, our Jobe water valves collection offers versatility and durability, making it an essential part of any watering system.

  • Trough Valves: Our trough valves are designed to regulate water flow, ensuring a constant and adequate water supply in your animal troughs. Built with sturdy materials, these valves can withstand the demands of daily farm use and provide reliable water dispensing for your livestock.
  • Tank Mount Adapters: The tank mount adapters are the perfect solution for securely attaching water valves to water tanks. These adapters offer a tight and leak-free connection, providing peace of mind as your livestock quench their thirst from the water tanks.
  • Float Valves: You can automate the water level management in your troughs or tanks with float valves. These valves adjust the water level as needed, ensuring a constant water supply for your animals without any manual intervention.
  • Tranzformer Valves: Tranzformer valves are incredibly versatile, offering a combination of features that make water management a breeze. From shutoff capabilities to multi-directional flow control, these valves adapt to various watering setups, providing optimal flexibility.
  • Detach Tails: Our detach tails enable easy connections between different components of your watering system. These tails ensure leak-free and secure connections, allowing for swift assembly and disassembly when needed.
  • Service Kits: We offer convenient service kits to maintain the longevity and performance of your Jobe water valves. These kits contain essential replacement parts, enabling you to keep your valves in optimal working condition with minimal downtime.

Quick CouplersSwift and Efficient Water Transfer: Quick couplers offer a solution for easily transferring water between hoses, risers, and other watering system components. These quick couplers enable rapid connection and disconnection, saving you time and effort during water transfers.

  • Quick-Coupler Riser: The quick-coupler riser allows for easy hose attachment, lifting your watering setup to a more convenient height. With this riser, you can access water without bending over, making the watering process more comfortable and efficient.
  • Quick-Coupler Valve: Our quick-coupler valve offers quick and effortless water flow control, allowing you to easily manage water distribution. Whether you need to start or stop water flow quickly, this valve is the ideal tool for the job.
  • Replacement Clip: Ensure your quick couplers remain firmly attached with our replacement clip. These clips provide secure connections, preventing water wastage and ensuring a smooth watering experience.

At Kencove Farm Fence Supplies, we prioritize the quality and efficiency of our watering systems. We partner with reputable manufacturers to offer watering solutions that are built to last, providing dependable water supply for your livestock and agricultural needs.