Kencove Wi-Fi Dual-Purpose Energizer

Kencove Wi-Fi Dual-Purpose Energizer

This energizer can operate on a 110-volt electric plug or a 12-volt battery and works great for larger operations.

Worry less and save time by checking your voltage from your phone. Wi-Fi compatibility allows you to monitor the voltage on your fence and turn the energizer on or off from your mobile phone.

  • Displays fence volts and joules
  • Overload indication lets you know when the fence load exceeds an acceptable level
  • Moisture and insect protection
  • Power on demand feature increases joules automatically to deal with increased fence load
  • Low-impedance
  • Includes AC adapter and battery leads
  • 2-year warranty includes lightning damage

For wi-fi setup instructions, click here .

Energizer must be in wi-fi range to be used with a mobile phone.