Speedrite M63R Energizer w/ Remote

Speedrite M63R Energizer w/ Remote

The Stafix M63R energizer provides up to 63 joules of output. Delivers maximum power and superior performance for permanent fencing. Optimal livestock control is achieved through the Cyclic Wave Technology ensuring clean, powerful pulse that maximizes the energy on fence line. The Bi-polar Technology ensures you get that superior performance in dry, low conductivity conditions. The Remote control not only serves as a Fault Finder/Voltmeter you can turn energizer ON & OFF from anywhere along fence line. Especially helpful when maintaining long fence configurations. Large terminals on front of energizer provide easy access and the slotted design will accept 2 wires for a solid connection. The Load Response Feature controls the energy output to match the conditions as they change. The energizer offers a Half Voltage terminal when full power is not needed. Easy to read indicator lights make it simple to monitor your energizers current performance at a glance.

220/240 volt power source

3 year warranty