Nitro 1000 Post Driver

Nitro 1000 Post Driver

Designed for durability, safety, and ease of operation, the Nitro surprises even the experts. The Nitro works by hydraulically compressing nitrogen gas, transferring this energy directly to the hammer head, a revolutionary technology in the fence industry.

The safest driver on the market, all controls are handled from the cab of a skid steer. With only 2" of stroke, the unit drives posts rapidly with hydraulic down-pressure and 500-800 beats-per-minute. The short hammer stroke reduces damage to posts. With only one grease fitting and minimal moving parts, these drivers will provide years of low-cost operation.

Kencove offers a 1-year warranty on the Nitro drivers. Warranty excludes chain, hooks, and head.

Skid-steer recommendations: 15 GPM@ 1,800 PSI, 75 horsepower. 2,000 lbs.

Unit and extra storage tank not filled with nitrogen.