Speedrite Extreme Reel

Speedrite Extreme Reel

The Speedrite Extreme Reel is just that – extreme! This 3:1 geared reel can hold 1,640’ of braided twine or 656’ of ½" tape and is loaded with features. Never experience tangled twine again thanks to the self-tracking twine guide and adjustable drag control. The reel frame is fully insulated from the spool and contains a new hook design to accommodate various sizes of wires and materials for hanging the reel, as well as a hook release trigger. It also features an on/off switch for isolating the power flow through the reel frame. The Extreme Reel is designed for strength, durability, and user convenience.

  • 3:1 Ratio – for every rotation the bobbin spins 3 times
  • Holds 1640ft (500m) of polywire/braided twine or 656ft (200m) of ½" polytape
  • UV stabilized for long life
  • Full hand guard for shock protection
  • Self-tracking twine guide provides even distribution of twine across the bobbin
  • Drag adjustment to prevent over run and tangling while winding and pay out
  • Control and isolate the power flow through the reel frame with the on/off switch
  • Enhanced stability on fence or four-wheeler with new hook design that is suitable for a variety of bar widths
  • Easily disconnect from perimeter fence or machine with the hook release trigger
  • Galvanized steel frame is fully insulated from the spool
  • Made in New Zealand