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Fence Chargers

Details Powerfields DC-50B Energizer
  • 12-volt DC energizer
  • 0.50 output joules, 0.70 stored joules
  • Great for smaller fence installations
  • Low-impedance
0.50 Joule

Gate Supplies

Details Economy Gate Handle
  • Economy plastic gate handle
  • Measures 4¾" between flanges
  • Enclosed spring stretches 3½" to keep wire taut
  • Steel hook
Details Spring Gate Kit
  • Installs easily over a gate opening
  • Gate expands up to 20'
  • Use to instantly electrify a gate opening
Details Underground Wire
  • Insulated 12½ gauge steel wire

Out of stock

Details Gallagher Gate Anchor
  • Robust insulator screws directly into wooden posts
  • Non-rusting aluminum plate for long life
  • All edges are rounded to prevent damage to livestock
  • Contains insulator, plate, and joint clamp
Details Fi-Shock Plastic Gate
  • Molded from tough, high-quality plastic
  • Shock-proof thickness for safe handling protection
  • Orange color for enhanced visibility
Details Zareba Tape End Piece and Gate Handle Connector
  • ½" polytape end connector
  • Connects one polytape to another without losing power

Details Red Snap'r Wood Post Gate Kit
  • Includes all bolts, washers, wing nuts, and nails needed for assembly
  • Contains 1 rugged compression-spring gate handle and 2 high-quality pin-lock anchor insulators with rust-resistant connector plates
  • Can be used with all fence wire except polyrope or polytape
  • One-piece molded design of gate handle
Details Zareba Polytape Gate Kit
  • Polytape gate extends up to 16'
  • Includes one wood post gate anchor, two adjustment buckles, one plastic gate handle, one screw-on wood post insulator, and enough polytape to extend up to 16'
  • Easy to install after the fence is up

Details Zareba Wood Post Gate Kit
  • Includes 1 molded-plastic gate handle, 2 pin-lock anchor insulators, 2 rust-resistant connector plates, 4 nails, 2 bolts, 2 wings, and 4 washers
  • UV-protected to resist weathering
  • For use on wood posts

Grazing Supplies

Details 49" Economy Step-In Post
  • Economy step-in post for use with temporary fence
  • 3 positions for polytape and 7 positions for polywire and polyrope
  • 49" height
Details 42" Tread-In Post
  • Step-in post for use with temporary fence
  • 8 positions for polywire, polyrope, and polytape up to 1½"
  • UV-stabilized
  • 42" height

Hardware and Tools

Details 4-Slot Fence Wire Crimping Tool
  • Use to splice fence wire with crimp sleeves
  • Works with crimp sleeves for 9 to 15½ gauge wire
  • Comfort-grip handles
  • Works with all crimp sleeves sold by Kencove

Details Dare 2-Slot Fence Splicing Tool
  • For quick, trouble-free splices
  • Use with DP 2-3 sleeves and DPT 3-4 fence taps
  • Durable design


Out of stock

Details Earth Anchor 88
  • Medium earth anchor
  • Used to hold posts down at the bottom of ravines or to secure a lifting brace
  • 2,500-pound hold
Details Gallagher Wheel Tightener Handle
  • Use to tighten 12½ gauge high-tensile wire
  • Heavy-duty
  • For use with wheel-wire tighteners

Details Zareba Sectional Copper Ground Rod Kit
  • Provides effective grounding for your electric fence system
  • Includes four 2' sections of copper ground rod that connect to one another
  • Includes a hardened steel tip to break through rocks while driving ground rods
  • Includes an anvil and a ground rod clamp

Details Zareba 3-Hole Twisting Tool
  • For twisting t-post or spacer clips to fasten wire to post
  • Use with up to 8 gauge wire

Details Zareba Polytape Splice Buckle
  • For use with 1½" polytape
  • Splices 2 rolls of polytape together
  • Made in USA
  • Pack of four
Details Zareba Polytape Splice Buckle
  • For use with Horse-Sense electric fence
  • Splices two rolls of polytape together
  • Pack of 4
Details Lag Screw/Washer
  • ½" x 4"
  • Ideal for use with Horserail End Buckles
  • Zinc-plated
½" x 4"

Horse Fence

Details ½" Electric Polytape
  • #189; wide electric polytape
  • 5 strands of stainless-steel conductors
  • 5-year UV stability
1,312' Roll
Details ½" Electric Polytape
  • #189; wide electric polytape
  • 5 strands of stainless-steel conductors
  • 5-year UV stability
656' Roll
Details ½" Polytape-to-Polytape Connector
  • Stainless-steel
  • Use to splice ½" strands of polytape
Pack 3
Details Polytape Connector
  • Use to splice together polytape up to 2" wide
  • Stainless-steel
Pack 3
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