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Electric netting gives you great protection from predators and superior containment. Our various electric netting configurations suit a wide range of animals, including cattle, sheep and goats, chickens and turkeys, ducks and geese, and pigs. Netting is also effective around the house for dogs and pet runs, and for protecting your garden and trees from rabbits, deer, and more. You will be surprised how quickly this can be put up and then taken down! Shop our full selection of nets from 28 inches to 48 inches tall. 

  • Kencove’s electric netting contains electric twine with three strands of stainless-steel conductors for endurance and shocking power. Choose between 3.5” or 7” stay spacing to fit your livestock and handling needs.

  • Our semi-rigid vertical stays are closer together than other net brands and help prevent your net from sagging, while the included tie-back anchors make tensioning your net a breeze.

Our electric nets include built-in fiberglass posts every 13.5 feet. These posts are coated for UV stabilization for your convenience while handling. Solid fiberglass posts provide strength and rigidity in our nets that surpass that of hollow posts found in other nets. Each post is equipped with a step-in style foot with an additional metal stake, creating two points of soil contact on each post.