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Hotcote® Wire - Brown 1,320'

Hotcote<span style='vertical-align: super;'>®</span> Wire
Hotcote® is a plastic coated wire, like the Kencote, that can be electrified. The black plastic core is conductive and comes to the surface in 3 narrow lines. The rest of the surface is brown UV-resistant plastic. This wire adds electric, visibility, safety and good looks to any fence. Hotcote is also made with our high strength USA 200 KSI 12½ gauge wire as the core. Hotcote is easier to strip to the wire than the WTW coated wire. Twenty year limited factory warranty.

Proudly made in USA! Coated wire should be put on insulators large enough to hold it like the ICCW, I8P, or I8PW. It can be pulled around one, possibly two, corners depending on length of run.

Item # WSWBR
Weight 67.00 lbs
$189.75 EACH

Save on 5 - $184.75 / 20 - $179.75

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