Kiwi Crimp Sleeve- Long, Gritted

Kiwi Crimp Sleeve- Long, Gritted

All Kiwi Crimp Sleeves are gritted for superior wire gripping over typical non-gritted. The C2L sleeve is 70 percent longer, works in same applications as C23 with fewer sleeves, so you can achieve same gripping strength at less cost. This crimping sleeve is used to secure 12 ½ ga smooth wire at terminations, inline strainer placement and splicing. When crimping sleeve, a crimping tool is required ( Crimp Tools ), using the slot marked 2-3. When crimped properly the sleeve will have a cylindrical shape. A properly crimped sleeve will provide full breaking strength of the wire. Review Image & Manual for guidance. Made in the USA.

  • Gritted for Superior Gripping
  • 70 percent Longer than C23
  • 12 ½ ga Smooth Wire Only
  • Terminations & Inline Strainer Placement - 1 sleeve needed
  • Splices - 2 sleeves needed
  • Pack of 2000 ea ( Bottle of 100 = C2L )
  • Made in the USA