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Kiwi Crimp Sleeve- Gritted - 4-5 slot / 50 ea

Kiwi Crimp Sleeve- Gritted

All Kiwi Crimp Sleeves are gritted for superior wire gripping over typical non-gritted. This crimping sleeve is used to secure 8 ga smooth wire or 12 ½ ga Barbed Wire at terminations and splicing. When crimping sleeve, a crimping tool is required ( Crimp Tools ), using the slot marked 4-5. When crimped properly the sleeve will have a cylindrical shape. A properly crimped sleeve will provide full breaking strength of the wire. Review Image & Manual for guidance. Made in the USA.

  • Gritted for Superior Gripping
  • 8 ga Smooth Wire
  • 12 ½ ga Barbed Wire
  • Terminations – 1 sleeves needed
  • Splices - 2 sleeves needed
  • Bottle of 50 ea
  • Made in the USA

Item # C45
Weight 1.10 lbs
$22.25 P50

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