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Quick Splice - 14-16 ga

Quick Splice

To splice, simply insert wires into ends of Quick Splice, (there is an internal center partition) internal spring-loaded embossed teeth that grip wire. Gently pull on wires to ensure teeth have gripped wire. They provide a safe and smooth function. Constructed of galvanized steel for the outdoors. Use with 14-16 gauge smooth wire.

  • 14-16 gauge smooth wire
  • Inline quick and simple splicing
  • 80 % breaking strength for high tensile wire
  • Galvanized steel
  • No special tool needed
  • EACH ( 12 -13 ga = CWL1213 / 8-11 ga = CWL811 )

Item # CWL1416
Weight 0.04 lbs
$1.65 EACH
Low Stock

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