Safety-Loop Connector

Safety-Loop Connector

The Safety-Loop Connector is the fast, easy and clean way to terminate 12 ½ gauge coated or non-coated high tensile wire. Inside the wire vise are spring-loaded embossed teeth that grip wire. Durable powder coated finish. Cannot use to tension wire. This style of termination can be used on any size post, including 6"-7" end posts, which is industry standard for corner and end posts.

Steps to Use Safety-Loop Connector:

  1. Strip off 1" of coating / Non applicable on non-coated wire
  2. Push wire through rolled loop
  3. Wrap wire around end post from fence side
  4. Push exposed wire into small end of wire vise, up to coating
  5. Secure wire with staple at desired height. Allow wire to slide freely around post.
  • Use with 12 ½ gauge coated or non-coated high tensile wire
  • Fast, Easy and Clean terminations
  • Powder coat finish