ZAMMR Handle

ZAMMR Handle
The innovative, multi-purpose ZAMMR Handle features a live-wire hook and an insulated hook. The versatile design allows you to connect temporary fence wire, tape, or bungy.

There is no need to change handles when power from a permanent fence is not available. Simply hook the ZAMMR Handle to the fence line with the insulated hook and connect a portable energizer. Then easily change to the live-wire hook to allow voltage through the stainless-steel backbone of the handle and into your temporary fence.

  • Use as a live hook or an insulated hook for temporary fence wire, tape, or bungy
  • Strong, stainless-steel backbone for high conductivity
  • Single-piece over-mold ensures a fully insulated handle
  • High-density, UV-stabilized polyethylene for long life in the toughest conditions
  • Easily winds back through pigtails
  • Non-slip hand grip for ease of use