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Wide 2" Double-Barbed Staples - 10-Pound Bucket

Wide 2" Double-Barbed Staples
  • Wide 2" staples
  • Wide staples are designed for use with plastic-coated wire
  • Double-barbed for superior hold
  • Class 3 galvanized
  • Packed in an easy-carry plastic bucket
  • Approximately 460 staples

These staples are not recommended for hard posts such as black locust, osage orange, and hedge posts. For those applications, we suggest our 1¼" Single-Barbed Staples (HB1-10).

Item # HB2W10
Weight 10.49 lbs
$30.75 10#B

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Item # HB2W40 Wide 2" Double-Barbed Staples
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