12' Quick Brace

12' Quick Brace
This bulk box of Quick Braces is a package of 30 complete bracing systems for use with any type of H-post or box strainers. The Quick Brade is safer for horses because it prevents a V-loop at the bottom. With no twisting of wires, this system is fast and easy to install.

Box includes thirty 18', 8 gauge, high-tensile, galvanized steel cables with a pre-formed loop at one end and 30 large Gripple tensioners. Cables are 0.165" in diameter.

For maximum strength and safety, install Gripple 18"-24" away from post.

Tensioning tool (TGTCC, TGTTP, TGTC) required for tightening.

Gripple Plus and cable break strength = 1,320 pounds.