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Tension Indicator Spring

Tension Indicator Spring

Identifying tension on your wire is simple, as the spring compresses the first notch represents 150 lbs and second notch 250 lbs of tension. Watch our video for the spring is conductive, so power is maintained.

Tension Indicator Springs provide additional value:

  • Act as shock absorber
  • Allows for expansion & contraction of wire as temperature changes
  • Preventing over tension which is unsafe

Kencove's tension indicator springs have a Class 3 galvanized coating and strong tug links. The spring has a holding strength of over 2,200 pounds. This makes it the highest strength and longest lasting spring on the market. Use with High Tensile Wire. (Smooth or Barbed)

Length (uncompressed): 10¾"


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ICP1 Details Insulator for Tension Indicator Spring
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