Nail-On Claw Insulator

Nail-On Claw Insulator

The Nail-On Claw Insulator is a good choice for permanent or temporary fence on wood posts. The wire is installed by turning it about 80-degrees and sliding it into the slot of the insulator. It is not easy to remove the wire when under tension, but if you are installing slack twine it is much easier than pulling pins from pin-lock insulators.

These Nail-On Claw Insulators are made to handle high-tensile wire, Hotcote® coated wire, electric rope, or twine. Because it has a larger opening, it will also work better than most insulators for electric ribbon. White, pack of 25.

  • Works with high-tensile, coated wire, rope, or twine
  • Heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polyethylene
  • Ideal for permanent and temporary fence
  • White
  • Pack of 25