Speedrite Fence Alert

Speedrite Fence Alert
The Speedrite Fence Alert emits a warning light as soon as it detects low voltage on an electric fence, providing an early warning that your fence needs attention. A bright red light flashes when low or intermittent voltage is detected on the fence line. The water-resistant case is designed to withstand extensive periods outdoors.

  • For use on permanent and temporary fencing
  • Works with all pulse energizers
  • Can be seen from up to ½ mile away
  • No ground wires or external power source required
  • Clip accommodates 8 to 16 gauge wire
  • 2 trigger levels: 1,000-2,000V minimum or 2,000-2,500V minimum

A replaceable, CR2032, lithium, button-cell battery is housed inside the case, which will power the Fence Alert for up to 5 years on standby, or for up to 2 weeks of continuous flashing. The CR2032, lithium, button-cell battery is a common style of battery that is readily available.