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Power-Surge Protector

Power-Surge Protector

This Power-Surge Protector is designed to help protect your energizer from electrical surges or spikes coming from your main power source. Must be plugged into a grounded outlet to properly protect. The status indicator lights are easily monitored, simply glance to ensure the Grounded is Green and Protected is Red. This lets you know the protector is grounded properly and is protecting your energizer. It can handle surges or spikes up to 6000v. To protect energizer from surges coming fence line we recommend a Diverter.

  • Protects energizer from surges coming from fence line
  • Status indicator lights for easily monitoring
  • Max surge up to 6000v
  • Max energizer 12 joule

Item # MPS
Weight 0.28 lbs
$10.99 EACH
Low Stock

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