Stop-Click Lightning Diverter

Stop-Click Lightning Diverter

This Diverter is designed to divert lightning surges originating from the fence line. It can reduce damage to energizer in the event of a lightning strike to the fence or nearby trees. If the surge is greater than 3000 amps the Diverter will be damaged and require replacement. Energizer will not power the fence if the Diverter has been damaged. It is not designed for surges coming through the main electrical source. We recommend you consider a Power-Surge Protector MPS for this protection.

  • Diverters lightning surges coming from fence line to earth/ground.
  • Reduces high frequency components from electric fence pulses - Clicking on telephone
  • Protections against lightning surges up to 3000 amps
  • Energizer will not power fence if Diverter has been damaged
  • Max 26 joule output energizer