Kencove PD100SS Post Driver

Kencove PD100SS Post Driver
The Kencove PD100SS Post Driver is durable and reliable.

  • Drives steel posts, wood posts, and railroad ties up to 8¾" diameter x 10' tall
  • 71,500 pounds of impact at full stroke
  • Manual tilt features: 15-degree front-back and 15-degree side-side
  • Comes complete with skid-steer mounting bracket, secure-stand base, and second hydraulic return hose
  • Maximum hydraulic limit: 2,500 PSI

The skid steer model post drivers have (2) return lines. The first return line (dump line) (larger diameter hose) must return to your hydraulic fill reservoir. This line cannot be quick coupled back into your machine. The second return line (smaller diameter hose) quick couples to the standard return port on your equipment.

When driving 4x4 or 6x6 square posts, we recommend drilling a pilot hole to help keep the post straight. You can also use the back corner of the beam as a guide for the post to help keep it straight.

NOTE: Some assembly is required.