Montana 1000E-X

Montana 1000E-X
Montana’s mid-sized hydraulic post driver with excavator mount is the 1000E-X model with a working pressure of 2200 PSI delivering 400-800 blows per minute. It weighs 2000 lbs., requiring a lifting-capacity of 2500lbs or more. The skid steer mount includes a convenient rack for transporting posts. To drill pilot holes in hard or stony ground, add the optional auger attachment.

The 1000E-X is exclusively for excavators

Weight of Post Driver with Excavator Mount: 900lbs
  • Required Excavator size: 12,000-18,000lbs
  • Oil Flow (GMP): 13-24 gpm
  • Working Pressure: 22000 PSI
  • Chisel Shaft Diameter: 3"
  • Thickness of Steel Plate Frame: ¾
  • Comes with tool kit, nitrogen charge kit, and filled nitrogen bottle
  • 1 year warrenty

  • Manufactured in the USA