Montana T-Rex 350E

Montana T-Rex 350E

The T-Rex 350E offers the same Montana quality and power for smaller diameter and alternative material posts. The Montana T-Rex 350E is ideal for driving T-posts, metal pipe posts, tent stakes, chain link pots, as well as other materials. Drive posts with ease in moderately rocky soil with 350 ft. lb. The T-Rex 350E drive head is domed with an inside diameter of 4 3/8”. This unit weighs 200lbs, operates on 5-10gpm flow, and provides 700-1200 blows per minute.

  • Energy Class: 350 ft. lb.
  • Weight of post driver with skid steer mount: 200lbs
  • Oil flow (GPM): 5-10gpm
  • Working pressure: 1300-1500 psi
  • Blow rate: 700-1200 blows per minute
  • Single lubrication point
  • Driving cup diameter: 4 3/8” inside diameter
  • Domed head eliminates need for tilt
  • Comes with toolbox, nitrogen charging kit, hydraulic hoses, and chain
  • 1-yr warranty