Gallagher Tumblewheel

Gallagher Tumblewheel

Moving paddock divisions has never been easier!

The Tumblewheel is designed to make the grazier’s life easier and chores quicker by reducing the need for step-in posts. Instead of pulling and setting up rows of posts, the Tumblewheel allows you to have a fence that rolls with you as you rotate through paddocks.

The center hub features a slide plate that neutralizes the two spokes making ground contact so they do not cause a short while ensuring all other spokes remain electrified to prevent itching and rubbing from livestock.

  • Toolless assembly required
  • Built-in slot for quick installation of electric twine
  • A 66ft spacing is recommended between Tumblewheels on level ground
  • Holds a single strand of twine at 30” from ground level