Strainrite Blackhawk 3:1 Geared Reel

Strainrite Blackhawk 3:1 Geared Reel

The Strainrite Geared Reel features a 3:1 ratio for speed and efficiency when moving fence. This reel is made with durable, UV-resistant materials tough enough for life on your farm or ranch. One unique feature of this reel is the Reel Stabilizer which allows you to lock the reel in place on an existing fence line or high tensile perimeter.

  • 3:1 Ratio – for every rotation the bobbin spins 3 times
  • Reel stabilizer locks and balances the reel on an existing fence line
  • Holds 1640ft (500m) of polywire/braided twine or 656ft (200m) of polytape
  • High-impacted UV-resistant polymer plastic for strength and long life
  • Self-lubricated gears
  • Can be used with Strainrite Reel Mounting Post
  • The one-piece molded bobbin is self-insulated and features reinforced fins for additional strength
  • Non-conductive gate handle included
  • Not recommended for use with steel wire
  • Made in New Zealand

Upgrade your reel with the steel guide (RRWG). It bolts quickly to the frame and provides a sturdy guide option that can weather the elements

Compatible replacement parts sold separately: Replacement plastic guide (RRSGG), Replacement Pawl Catch (RRSOC)