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O'Briens Mega Reel - 3:1 Geared

O'Briens Mega Reel

The O'Briens Mega-Geared-Reel has a 3:1 ratio, which means for each turn of the handle, the bobbin spins three times. When rewinding long lengths of twine or ribbon, the extra cost of the geared reel is a worthwhile, time-saving investment. This reel has a solid steel crank handle mounted on nylon bushings to reduce wear and a durable one-piece bobbin.

  • Holds up to 460' of tape, 1,320' of ribbon, or 2,640' of electric twine
  • High-impact polymer
  • Features an easy-grip PVC handle, wire guide, and handle hook
  • Designed to hang directly onto a perimeter fence by the metal hook on the handle frame

Does not include non-conductive gate handle or guide.

To electrify the polywire, simply use a 4' Jumper Lead (MPC). Attach one clip to the electrified perimeter fence wire and the other to the metal loop on the side of the reel.

Upgrade your reel with the heavy-duty guide (RRWGX). It bolts quickly to the frame and provides a sturdy guide option that can weather the elements

Black Friday Special – SAVE $20!

Was: $80.75, Now: $59.99

Item # RRXG
Weight 5.50 lbs
$59.99 EACH


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Item # RRSG Speedrite 3:1 Geared Reel
  • Made in New Zealand
  • 3:1 gear ratio for quickly, easy rewind
  • Holds up to 1,640' twine or 656' ribbon
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3:1 Geared
Item # RRWGX Heavy Duty Reel Guide
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  • Use with O'Briens Reels - Available for Single and Mega
Item # RRX O'Briens Mega Reel
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  • Nylon bushings to reduce wear
  • Holds up to 1,320' ribbon or 2,640' twine
1:1 Standard
3:1 Geared