Straight Attaching Buckle - For Kencote

Straight Attaching Buckle – For Kencote

The Straight Attaching Buckle is the easiest and quickest method for terminating non-electrified Kencote Coated Wire WTBR on buildings, dimensional lumber, square posts, or other flat surfaces. No stripping or crimping required. These double-coated buckles are hot-dip galvanized and then powder coated. 

To terminate Kencote with Straight Attaching Buckle: 

  • Push coated wire into hole closest to post and past buckle about 12"

  • Bend 12" tail in half back against itself

  • Put end of coated wire into hole at tip of buckle 

  • Pull coated wire up to bend 

  • Bend tail of wire into saddle of buckle