Kencote Pre-Bent Buckle – White

Kencote Pre-Bent Buckle – White

This pre-bent buckle is the easiest and quickest method for terminating Kencote Coated Wire WTW. Use on round end or gate post and the design reduces possible post rotation plus allows you to maintain alignment. No stripping of coating and no crimping required.

  1. Push coated wire into hole closest to post and past buckle about 12"
  2. Bend 12" tail in half back against itself
  3. Put end of coated wire into hole at tip of buckle
  4. Pull coated wire up to bend
  5. Bend tail of wire into saddle of buckle
  • Pre-Bent 45 degrees
  • Secure with ½" x 5" lag bolt and washer WEBB5
  • Easy and Quick Termination of Coated Wire
  • Ideal for use with WTW
  • Use on round post
  • No stripping or crimping required
  • EACH
  • White