4-Tier Spinning Jenny

4-Tier Spinning Jenny

Dispense 4 times the amount of wire and save valuable time building fence. This Jenny mounts to a tractor or utility vehicle to payout multiple coils of high-tensile or coated wire down the fence line. The top 3 tiers are movable for easy loading and lock in place with a spring-loaded latch. The individual tiers are equipped with hold-down arms that can be moved to accommodate coated or smooth wire coils and adjusted to fit the height and thickness of the coil. The drag of the tiers can also be customized by removing the center hub and adjusting the nut. The Jenny's standard mount is a Category 1 three-point hitch, but it will fit Category 2 hitches with a Category 1-2 bushing. Optional 5th tier available (TSJ4-5).

The TSJ4 can be adapted for use with a skid steer by adding KPDP3PSS Adapter Plate and KPDC1P Category 1 pins.

  • Dispense 4 lines of fence wire at one time
  • Mounts to 3-point hitch